Aerial Botball Challenge Kit + 1 Year Program Access

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This is the KIPR Aerial Botball Challenge Kit. We chose these parts carefully and specifically to help create the best experience within the program possible. Because, with a very short (~8 minute) battery life, and how easy it can be to damage a propeller or propeller guard, we feel this kit will facilitate better use in a classroom or group learning setting, compared to just buying a regular retail package of the Tello EDU drone. A single battery just does not allow sufficient fly time in a program like this.  In this kit you will receive everything that comes in the retail Tello EDU kit, access to the KIPR Aerial Botball Challenge Program, and some extra parts._________________________________________________ Tello EDU Retail Package:1 Program Kit Extras: (2) Flight Batteries, (1) Package Tello Quick Release Propellers (package includes 4 propellers), (1) package Tello Propeller Guards (package includes 4 guards), (1) Charging Hub, (1) JBC Surface A, and year-long access for one drone to the KIPR Aerial Botball Challenge online curriculum, workshop registrations, and continual educational and technical support (yearly access runs from August through July and access expires July 31st of each year).